Know all the ACTIVITIES that we will have as part of the Online International Congress of Neuroscience:

1. Keynote Speakers (12 Talks):

The plenary lectures, given by outstanding Neuroscientists invited by the Scientific Committee, are mainly theoretical and research oriented, with a strong scientific focus. They aim to highlight the contributions of Neurosciences to the understanding of human behavior in times of COVID-19.

Duration: 40 minutes live with Keynote Speakers + 15 minutes for live discussion and questions.

2. COVID-19 Expert Panelists (5 expert panelists divided into 2 panels):

Expert panels are groups of researchers specializing in neuroscience and human behavior who will present the results of recent and relevant research conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, to describe or explain psychological phenomena of global relevance.

Duration: 10-15 minutes of pre-recorded presentation by each panelist + 20 minutes live with the panelists for discussion and questions.

3. Interactive Spaces:

  • Open Science Spaces (5 spaces): These are interactive spaces conducted by an expert in software, projects and/or tools that promote Open Science, in which a brief DEMO is presented about its usefulness in neuroscientific and behavioral research.
    - Discussion regarding Sci-Hub, and the use of OSF as a free and open source project management tool
    - JATOS tool for programming experiments
    - Design and adaptation of experiments using Psychopy
    - UVehavior for behavior analysis
    - LAAVAN for statistical analysis in Neuropsychology

    Duration: 1 hour live with experts.

  • Training Opportunities: three invited institutions with postgraduate training programs in Neuropsychology and Neurosciences, socialize their programs, current relevance, training opportunities in times of pandemic, fields of action of the professional, and benefits for those interested in the area of postgraduate-level scientific training.

    Duration: 8 minutes of live presentation of each program + 20 minutes of live questions by the moderator and attendees.

4. Symposia consisting of 3 to 5 pre-recorded presentations by invited speakers who focus on a specific topic in the area of neuroscience and/or behavior, and who address it from various points of view. Each symposium includes up to five presentations from national and international speakers.

Duration: 40 minutes of pre-recorded presentations + 15 minutes of live discussion with the speakers.

5. Oral Presentations are short presentations of ongoing research grouped in sessions by topic:

a. Cognition and Affection
b. Mental Health in the Workplace & COVID-19
c. Neurosciences and Human Behavior Indirect Contributions in Times of Pandemic
d. Psychometric studies applied to Neuropsychology
e. Executive Functions and Social Cognition
f. Animal models in the study of behavior
g. Neurosciences: Education and Society
h. Psycho-neuropathology

Duration: 10 minutes each, with a maximum of 3 talks within each onehour session + 15 to 20 minutes of questions and discussion.

6. E-Posters: Continuous display of brief summaries of ongoing or completed research on various subjects relevant to the understanding of human behavior and using the methods of neuroscience.

Duration: Continues throughout the congress with the possibility of contacting the authors through the chat during the breaks of the event between 12:00 - 14:00 hours (Colombian time - GMT-5) or through email.

7. Q&A Meetings: all speakers and presenters will have access to an agenda for private 5 minute sessions with event attendees during the 3 days of the event

Note: All our spaces have a maximum duration of 1 hour.