The Online International Congress of Neurosciences: Brain and behaviour in times of COVID-19 is a high-level scientific event that seeks to be part of the transformation of the dissemination and communication of science. It will bring together experts and stakeholders from anywhere in the world in the application of neuroscientific methods to understanding human behaviour around the same global concern: COVID-19. Spanish and English are the official languages of the congress.

Instructions for submitting accepted works

Applicants may present their rigorously conducted empirical research with final or preliminary results that meet these three conditions:

  1. Use neuroscientific methods at any of its levels: Molecular, Cellular, Systems and/or Cognitive-behavioral.
  2. Have as objective the understanding, evaluation and/or intervention of any aspect of human behaviour: cognitive, social, affective, educational, occupational, forensic, cultural, political, health, gender, or similar.
  3. Have a direct impact (studies designed to understand/address the causes/consequences/effects of the COVID-19 pandemic) or indirect (the central purpose is NOT COVID-19, but results could have an impact on relevant issues during and post-pandemic) within the context of the global health contingency due to COVID-19.

We are receiving proposals in these modalities:

  • Symposium (no registration fee).
  • Oral presentation (pays registration fee).
  • E-Posters (pays registration fee).

If you and/or your research team plan to submit proposals, please send them until October 4th, 2020.

Description of the presentation modalities

Works can be presented in Spanish or English, which will be reviewed and approved by the scientific committee. Symposia, oral presentations, and E-poster registered in the virtual platform, according to the corresponding modality are included.

We appreciate your interest in participating as a speaker in the different presentation modalities.


  • Presentation spaces with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 talks in which a theme related to the objective of the congress is presented and debated.
  • Each symposium lasts 45 minutes distributed in all the talks, plus 15 minutes to answer questions and discuss the subject.
  • The coordinator of the symposium is responsible for all communication with the Organizing Committee, filling in the submission form, and the participation of all the speakers.
  • The justification of the symposium must contain a maximum of 500 words, and that of each talk, a maximum of 250 words.
  • Each participant can only take part in one symposium.
  • Abstracts submitted for symposia will be registered in the work presentation form with a maximum of 250 words per talk including the theoretical-empirical background, *objectives, *materials and method, *results (mandatory) and *conclusions.
  • The technical secretariat of the scientific committee will contact the author to inform them of the decision (accepted, not accepted, suggested change of format).

Oral presentations:

  • These are brief presentation spaces where the results of research work in the field of study applied to the objective of the congress are exposed.
  • Each talk lasts 10 minutes. A maximum of 5 oral presentations will be presented within a period of one hour, which will include an additional 10 minutes for questions and general discussion.
  • The abstracts to apply for oral presentations will be registered in the submission form with a maximum of 300 words, including *theoretical-empirical background, *objectives, *materials and method, *results (mandatory) and *conclusions.


  • These are spaces for the audio-visual presentation of finished research works that are exhibited to the public in 3 minutes.
  • Attendees reproduce the presentation of the work, with the possibility of interacting with the author to resolve the queries using the chat system.
  • E-posters are evaluated by the Scientific Committee according to the criteria of quality.
  • The structure of the abstract must include *theoretical-empirical background, *objectives, *materials and method, *results (mandatory) and *conclusions. Abstracts submitted for E-poster presentations will be registered in the submission form with a maximum of 300 words.

Explanatory notes:

  • Forms with incomplete information may invalidate the registration.
  • All accepted presentations must pay the registration to the event to be considered in the final program (except symposia which do not pay registration).
  • At least the author who will present the work must be registered at the time of final acceptance.
  • Each registered person may send up to three works in the different presentation modalities.
  • The technical secretary will confirm the final acceptance of each work to carry out the respective registration.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept, reject or recommend a change in the modality of the presentation of the work (for example, from oral communication to E-poster, or vice versa).

We thank all the researchers who submitted their work to our CIVN. Our scientific committee is currently evaluating the works. We will communicate to respond according to the calendar.